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Our Defensive Driving Course is designed and written with the assistance of a select group of devoted highway traffic safety trainers and specialists who have contributed to the research, development and updates of our defensive driving courses.

Point and Insurance Reduction Benefits

10% Auto Insurance Premium Reduction for 3 Years

Please contact your insurance company to learn more.

Two-point reduction on your driving record:

Our online defensive driving course is approved by the NJ MVC.
Therefore, you may be allowed to receive up to a two-point reduction
from the accumulated points you currently have on your driving record.

How do you get your insurance
or point reduction?

  • Upon completion of the online defensive driving course, NSC will
    transmit your completion results to New Jersey Motor Vehicle
  • If you are eligible, the NJ MVC will apply the point reduction to
    your driving record.
  • Upon completion of the online defensive driving course, you will also
    be able to immediately download and print a Certificate of Completion which you can then submit to your insurance company, who will then apply the reduction to your policy.

Does NSC provide the option of
Classroom Training?

Yes. If you prefer to take a face-to-face classroom course to receive the point and insurance reduction benefits, we have very knowledgeable instructors near you. Locate Defensive Driving Classroom Courses in New Jersey.

How long is the New Jersey
Defensive Driving Course?

All online defensive driving courses approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC) are required to be no less than 4 hours. This course fulfills that requirement. Our course is fully narrated, providing an easier user-experience than other courses that require reading through content or which charge an additional fee for narration.

You may take the course in increments at your leisure, with
a convenient built-in bookmark feature that allows you to return where you left off. Please note the course must be completed within 30 days.

Questions? Call or email NSC New Jersey at (877) 441-9721 or
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